House of Esports is back on TV on DMAX

House of Esports is back on TV on DMAX

From Saturday 25, the new season of House of Esports started on TV on DMAX, the broadcast dedicated to the competitive video game phenomenon and hosted by Daniele Bossari. Who, also in this new edition of the show, is joined by Sara “Kurolily” Stefanizzi to lead viewers in discovering news from the most popular games on the Esport scene. With updates from major tournaments around the world, interviews with top gamers and debates on the hottest topics.

The return of House of Esport

Every Saturday at 2 p.m

For the first time this year, House of Esports is hosting an original interactive format dedicated to gaming and the community. It’s called #PLAYTHEPRO, a Brawl Stars challenge between teams captained by two streaming stars Davide “Grax” Grasselli and Simone “Nemos” D’Orazio. Which give all fans the opportunity to challenge them from home and become the protagonists of House of Esports.

During the episodes of the program are in fact broadcast highlights of the challenges between the two teams.

Another moment not to be missed is the one dedicated to the return of League of Legends. The most watched title in our country’s esport scene is narrated on Dmax by Lapo “Terenas” Raspanti and Roberto “KenRhen” Prampolini. Who share with the public updates and insights on the Italian teams.

And also the best pro-players and decisive action from the most important international events of 2019 and PG Nationals 2020, the national championship of League of Legends.

The space for Fortnite

The video game that dominated all the rankings in 2019 takes center stage with a moment when top Italian pros will reveal their secrets to House of Esports, bringing their best plays to TV.

House of Esports airs in reruns, again on Dmax, also on Sundays at 9 a.m.40. And it is also available live and on demand on Dplay, Discovery’s digital platform.

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