Apple is collaborating with Hollywood on its VRAR viewer

Apple is collaborating with Hollywood on its VR/AR visor

According to the New York Times, Apple Is collaborating with Hollywood filmmakers to create video content for its upcoming augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) visor.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Times that Jon Favreau is just one of the directors involved: he is reportedly tasked with offering a’mixed reality experience based on Prehistoric Planet, the docuseries he produced just for Apple TV Plus.

NYT says Apple’s visor may not launch until 2023 due to issues with battery life and performance. That said, its development would also face some difficulties: the source reports that some employees have even left the company over the implications the visor could have on the way “people interact with each other”.

Just in the past few days, Bloomberg revealed that a version of the device was shown to the company&#8217s board during its last meeting.

Apple has reportedly accelerated the development of rOS, abbreviation for the new operating system “Reality”, software that will run on the visor, According to elements close to the’company, this suggests big strides in development and presentation to the board, it could mean that the reveal and concomitant release are now only “a matter of months” although the new New York Times report seems to counter this possibility.

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