DJI announces an action cam and a top microphone

DJI announces top action cam and microphone

DJI, the well-known brand that makes video accessories and drones, announces two new arrivals. AKA DJI Action 2, a powerful action cam for high-quality video. And DJI Mic, a microphone for perfect audio with which to accompany footage.

Models which are distributed in Italy by Nital.

DJI Action 2, the powerful little action cam

It is a small and lightweight action cam, that enables 4K/120 fps video recording and perfect footage with the HorizonSteady stabilizer. DJI Action 2 is drop and shock resistant and takes advantage of a magnetic design for easy pairing with its accessories. It has a Aluminum alloy body, rear display, minimalist design and is suitable for any sports discipline, even extreme ones.

The lens is protected by Gorilla Glass and equipped with an aspherical lens , that produces footage With 155° wide shots. The maximum aperture F/2.8 instead ensures the right brightness to videos, which can also be made with capture modes Time- lapse and 8x slow motion . L o digital zoom is capable of up to 8 magnifications . And content can be managed with the DJI Mimo app , with which to make automatic editing of video clips with the addition of background music and transitions.

Suitable for video selfies thanks to the front Oled display, Reaching up to 160 minutes of battery life with four built-in microphones for audo recordings superior level. In contrast, the battery life increases to 180 minutes if the Action 2 is combined with the Additional Power Module. Which also offers a microSD card slot . Waterproof up to 10 meters, goes down to less 60 thanks to waterproof case.

On the other hand, those who like to film while keeping their hands free can use the magnetic headband. C he securing the action cam to the body.

DJI Mic microphoneDJI MIC the microphone for pro audio

This is an accessory composed of by a receiver and a transmitter that can capture high-quality audio. Guaranteeing dual-channel recording up to 250 m away. Encryption technology enables accurate tone reproduction over a wider frequency range and in complex scenarios.

The recordings can be made separately through each channel, which can be combined for greater flexibility in post production.

DJI MIC pe sa only 30 grams so it can be attached to whatever you’re wearing thanks to the built-in rear clip or magnetic hooks. However, if you need to attach it to other devices features USB-C, Lightning and 3.5 mm TRS ports. And a convenient slide adapter that allows it to be attached to any type of DSLR camera, mirrorless camera or smartphone bracket.

Battery Is long-lasting with a battery life of 5.5 hours for the transmitter and 5 hours for the receiver. Increasing up to 15 hours thanks to portable charging case. Via Bluetooth connection, the two components will automatically pair with the device being used for recording, after an initial setup of a few seconds.

The microphone is priced at 329 euros on the brand’s official store.

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