Xiaomi files patent for a foldable smart phone

Xiaomi files patent for foldable smart phone

Xiaomi Is preparing to finally launch into the foldable smartphone market?

Apparently the Chinese company is seriously thinking about it, so much so that it filed a patent in late 2019 that would seem to refer precisely to the development of a potential foldable smartphone.

E’ CNIPA to have disclosed the’existence of this patent, which reveals a design that is decidedly similar to that of other foldable models that have come to market in recent months.

Speaking of these very patents, the design adopts an outer fold, while on the vertical side are placed four cameras and other buttons. On the right side, on the other hand, we find the device's power button, volume rocker, a speaker and a USB-C port.

Everything seems to effectively remark on the design adopted by Huawei, but it must still be emphasized that at the moment this is only a patent filed in 2019. Over the course of these months, the design may have undergone changes, and at the moment Xiaomi has never officially pronounced on the’existence of a foldable smartphone.

The’entire patent can be browsed directly at this link.

As a reminder, currently the manufacturers that have already decided to offer their own foldable smartphones are Samsung with its Galaxy Fold and Z Flip, Huawei Mate X and the peculiar Morotola Razr.

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