Yale’s Linus Smart Lock to control your door

Yale’s Linus Smart Lock, the smart padlock to control your own door

When you leave the house, the auto-lock feature can automatically lock the door, either immediately or after a time frame that can be set by Yale Access. When you come home instead, thanks to the geolocation function, the door will unlock automatically.

No worries

To ensure maximum security, the Linus Smart Lock includes a number of advanced features to control and manage the lock. You can, for example, control who arrives and when, or assign virtual keys to guests. Linus is also capable of being able to check the status of the door at all times: Equipped with DoorSense technology, it can inform you if the door has been locked or if it has unexpectedly remained ajar.

All this simply by using your smartphone. Simply connect it to the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to use all of these features with a simple touch.

Linus uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology encryption, as well as AES 128-bit and TLS encryption. If the phone is lost, the Yale Access app and all virtual keys can be deactivated at any time. The Yale Access account is protected by two-factor authentication.

In addition to a password, the system will check the user’s identity based on an email address or phone number.

Compatibility with a large number of products

The Linus Smart Lock can make any door smart. The smart lock can connect with leading smart home systems, voice assistants and sharing platforms for maximum door control.

Linus is also able to collaborate with other products in Yale’s range, including smart safes, smart locker locks and smart alarms. Integrations with Yale partners, including leading smart home systems, voice assistants, and hosting platforms such as Airbnb, make consumers’ lives easier and more secure. Simply pair the Linus Smart Lock with a voice assistant to lock or unlock your front door and check its status.

“Linus stands out from other smart locks on the market because of the 180 years of security experience and innovation that Yale has behind it. This means consumers can have real peace of mind knowing they are using the latest security solutions with brand new features that protect their home and the assets inside.”, says Kate Clark, managing director Yale EMEA. “Whether the user of the smart lock is a vacation rental owner, a customer of housekeeping or dog-sitting services, or someone interested in receiving health care or home deliveries, it is made far easier by Linus and the Yale Access app, which will help, in addition, to better manage one’s time and spend it doing the things one prefers.”.

The Linus kit will be available from Fall 2020 at a price of €249.99. Instead, the Wi-Fi Connect Bridge will cost €79.99, and finally the keypad will be priced at €69.99.

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