Google officially releases Android 11

Google officially releases Android 11

Google kept its promises, and after a long period of beta testing decided to proceed with the release of Android 11 in stable version for proprietary devices of the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, 4, 4 XL and Pixel 4a family.

Exclusive features designed by Google for its smartphones will also be available for devices in the Pixel family:

  • Removal of the transparency effect in the Pixel Launcher app drawer
  • Removed ability to force 90Hz display on Pixel 4 and 4 XL via developer settings
  • Smooth Display feature is now placed in an easier to reach menu within the Display settings
  • Small changes to the screenshot editor’s interface:
    • The key Share Has been replaced by the’corresponding icon
    • The key Save now appears after the Done, After finishing the changes of the image’image
    • Introduced a recycle bin icon to delete the image’image
    • After pressing Done, you can choose to delete the image completely via the new choice option

    Accompanying this launch also comes the “Pixel Feature Drop” quarterly, always aimed exclusively at smartphones in the Pixel range. This adds Live View mode on Google Maps, which enables AR-based live viewing by integrating with location sharing.

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