Ho mobile ups the ante coming new €6.99 offer

Ho mobile ups the ante: new €6.99 offer coming soon

We had already predicted this and after all, it was also to be expected. The 5.99 ho mobile offer expires represents the starting point of a new strategy of the Vodafone-controlled operator. Intending to up the ante by relaunching, albeit in a slightly revised key, a good rechargeable rate For some consumers from competitor operators.

And so, from the’current ho mobile 5.99 euros will be born – barring any resounding about-face – the ho mobile new offer from 6.99 euros. A kind of changing of the guard, given that today (Sunday, Feb. 3, ed) – as explained a few days ago in the ’special in-depth article – it is the last day to activate the rechargeable promotion of the subsidiary of Vodafone aimed at customers of Iliad, Kena and most virtual operators.

But what will happen from tomorrow? As explained in advance by the well-informed, the operator belonging to Vodafone will in fact make official in a couple of hours the 6.99 euros new rechargeable offer which, in fact, borrows in its entirety the same promotion currently discounted to one euro less (and in November even characterized by the’aggressive price of 4.99 euros) proposed with regard to consumers from Iliad, Kena and the other virtual operators. What has changed is, in a nutshell, only the promotional cost, while the structural features of the rechargeable tariff remain intact, peppered with unlimited minutes of calls to all landlines and mobile numbers, unlimited messages to all domestic numbers and well 50 gigs at Vodafone's 4G network speed (albeit with a download anchored to the ceiling limit of 30 Mbps).

L’activation of the NEW OFFER will not be generalized, however, when again it will be essential to come from one of the operators strictly indicated by the operator: Iliad, Kena, 1Mobile Carrefour Uno TazaMobile, BT Enìa, BT Italia, CoopVoce, Daily Telecom, Digi Mobil, Erg Mobile, FastWeb Full, FastWeb , Foll-In, Green Telecomunicazioni, LycaMobile, NT Mobile, NV Mobile, Noitel, Optima Mobile, PosteMobile, PosteMobile Full, Rabona Mobile, Tiscali, Welcome Italia, Ringo and Digitel SimPiù. Other operators will be able to activate the offer at the now traditional cost of €9.99.

The list price of the rechargeable promotion is of 6.99 euros, To which they will have to add 9.99 euros as a fee for activation’activation e 0.99 As a recommended price for the’purchase of a SIM card. Signing up for the offer should be done only at one of the contracted stores indicated by the operator’s official website.

For those of you who are Iliad, Kena or other mobile operator customers and are planning to switching to ho mobile, we highly recommend accessing the following link to find out the exact address of one of the participating operators’s stores.

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