Galaxy Note 7 Release date and new unlock system

Galaxy Note 7: Release date and new unlock system

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could accompany the middle of this new year all’marked by new discoveries in smartphones and related fields. There is talk of the new top-of-the-line Note series that could likely debut in September 2016 and will be accompanied, according to rumors that have emerged in recent hours, by a new unlocking system that really promises a full-blown revolution. Let’s find out.

Galaxy Note 7, top of the line arrives

Galaxy Note 7 refines the naming band by aligning with recent offerings Samsung Galaxy S7 heralding considerable changes. It seems that, unlike the previous model, the company made in South Korea has this time decided to open the doors also to Europeans for the marketing of their new devices.
The ideal theater for the unveiling of the new products could well be hijacked in September, straddling the IFA 2016 event in Berlin scheduled for Sept. 2-7. Difficult, in this case, to foresee a potential timing advance on the Unpacked Event’Unpacked. Rumors point to a new Galaxy Note 7, rejecting the line that would like to see at least an upcoming Note 6. This condition may be due to wanting to close the numerical discrepancy of the S-line products with the Notes.

Following, in fact, in the footsteps of Galaxy S7, the new name could be associated with such progressive including, in addition, common generational features such as the camera, the amount of RAM and the classic Micro USB port.

Internal storage could instead arrive with standards set at 64GB and be an Edge-to-Edge device like the top model of the last series’s. The panel then, would still be a SUPER AMOLED but at relatively increased resolutions while maintaining screen diagonals within 5.7 in. Higher also the price, justified among other things by the Pen functions and new colorations complete the summary hardware profile of this new pseudo-device.
On the software front expected anceh a new system of Unlock Device implemented via iris-Scan.
Consider all this as mere rumors. However, expect more info on this in the short term. Please leave us your opinions.

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