Iliad is ready to make itself independent of Wind Three

Iliad is ready to make itself independent from Wind Three

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Iliad came to market and made a splash, in a good way. An operator that has been able to completely revolutionize mobile offerings thanks to a very strong lowering of prices.

How do you not lure with Unlimited minutes and SMS, 50GB at €7.99 per month forever? One of the weaknesses, however, is connection speed and, at least in part, coverage.

However, the time has come for Iliad to take a step forward and focus on its own network so as to finally make itself independent. Currently the operator uses Wind Tre roaming to offer coverage to its users, however, the connection speed is not very high and with 5G just around the corner many are concerned. However, Benedetto Levi, CEO of Iliad Italy, is keen to point out that for the long term, the company’s plans are well defined:

  1. The focus will be on building a solid structure with a proprietary network so as to untie from Wind Three and become more independent in the months ahead;
  2. It will powerfully enter the 5G market so as to become “active&#8221 right away;.

The future could then hold many other surprises as well since Iliad could also slowly enter the fixed-line market with its own offerings also based on fiber optics. In short, a hopeful 2019 for the new Italian operator, which will have to succeed in consolidating what it has already done in 2018 with a record start.

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