Google Chrome gets faster with new update

Google Chrome gets faster with new update


With the new update of Google Chrome which brings the browser to version 89, some important improvements have been introduced. The’update has been rolling out since the beginning of March on Windows, macOS and Android systems, and according to the latest analysis, it certainly appears that Google&#8217s browser has enjoyed major optimizations that increase its speed.

According to statements from the Mountain View giant, the browser will be Chrome can now recover up to 100 MiB from cards, saving macOS up to’8% of memory in use. Still in the area of Macs, the new lightness of the browser granted by the latest update will allow them to be even quieter and less hot.

As for Windows and Android, the improvements made by the’update are significantly more significant: memory savings can now reach up to 22% when browsing and 8% when rendering, while on the GPU it estimates a -3%. The browser’s responsiveness received a performance boost that improved its speed by 9 percent compared to the previous version.

As for Android specifically, Chrome 89 will now limit crashes, while memory consumption has been reduced by 5 percent. Startup, on the other hand, has been sped up by 7.5 percent. Google then specifies that on devices equipped with Android 10 and an 8Gb RAM, page loading can now reach up to 8.5% faster.

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