1 million Giga right away with Fastweb to take your mind off the limits of your offer

1 Million Giga right away with Fastweb so you don’t have to think about the limits of your offer


Fastweb launches promotion “1 million Giga” and leaves everyone speechless

From tomorrow, December 1, a super promotion will start Fastweb that will put as much as 1 million Giga up for grabs for users. This is a generous Christmas gift that will allow you to forget about your data offer so you can use like crazy Giga to no end. However, there are some clarifications to be made and it is worth reading this article all the way through.

The available Giga that Fastweb makes available to users are really 1.000.000, However, each user will be able to consume a maximum of 200GB so as not to clog up the network and saturate all the Giga on their own. When the 200GB runs out, the user can continue surfing according to the limits of their promotion. This million Giga is obviously available at the maximum speed allowed by the TIM network.

So let’s talk about 4G there where available.

The promotion is of course free and will be activated automatically. When the GB runs out it will deactivate itself. There are no costs of any kind, no surprises or weirdness of any kind.

Indeed, Fastweb values transparency without hiding any costs within its promotions’within its promotions. A very welcome gift that competitors are unlikely to go on to replicate. We will see what they will do for their users also TIM, WIND e Vodafone.

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